About the Author

Dorissa AdamsAs an introverted girl growing up in East Orange, New Jersey, I used writing as a tool to create award winning plays for various church programs.   It was during this time that I discovered I had a passion for poetry and music.

Poetry and music saved my life at a time when I suffered from low self esteem.

After I graduated from East Orange High School my parents enrolled me in Barbizon Modeling School in Montclair, New Jersey. I walked in as a very shy young lady and I walked out with so much confidence I could take on the world.

When I see old photos of me growing up it always looked as if I was “in deep thought.”  This is the reason I thought it would be appropriate to give this book the same name.

I continued to write poetry throughout the years and my love for music prompted me to start a previous music consultant business called “Empathy of Music & You.”    
“In Deep Thought “is a book of poems about how a woman used music to overcome her struggles with low self-esteem.  It also tells the story of a woman’s search for love, romance, intimacy and other topics that need attention.

My family and close friends are an important part of my life.

My favorite  Poets are Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou .

I love arts, romance, theatre and traveling back to  New York to enjoy the night life.

I currently reside in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

- Dorissa Adams -